The Internet of Things is here and we all feel it. Not only are we dealing with more devices that bring us data and information. Things like your lamp, washing machine and car can send data to you, your home system, or service providers. Now goods are getting smarter too.

You know QR codes. You are familiar with the large  RFID tags that the assistant in the shop removes before you walk out the door. That information is used to manage stock inside the store or optimize a sales process.

Our project is about Smart tags. These are QR tags that can capture data on temperature, color, ink and keep information about themselves as they move from one place to another, from farm to fork, from producer to consumer. You as a consumer, as an end user, can also add information, much like you do already on TripAdvisor.

All this means that data is becoming even more important then oil as an economic driver. Can all this data be in the hands of commercial companies? Should citizens own their own data sets? What should the government see and what not? Can goods be more easily recalled if we have a clear transparent system about each and every individual product? But does that mean that a local Council or supermarket know if have those eggs? Do I want that? What kind of information would be good to add to a product? Can it give information itself on how it should be dismantled and treated as the best way to  throw it away?

A lot of good question.

The idea of this IoT forum of the  TagItSmart project is to develop the conversation with all the stakeholders.

Every month we will have a focused discussion with a tweet chat and a short report that will serve as input for our Ecosystem workshops on policy, industry, and related to this Information Moments for the Open Calls. The second Open Call is now open.

In this IoT forum you can…
* Follow the IoT related topics
* Participate the discussion with other stakeholders interested in IoT
* Explore the TagItSmart project
 Find new information related to open calls
 Find new partners to co-operate with

You can follow us in the internet (, on Twitter (@TagItSmart) and LinkedIn (TagItSmart).

The next Policy Workshop is on October 2§ in Brussels, on the product-passport.

The idea of TagItSmart project is presented in the picture below.